Production / Recording Music

In 2000, ABS’s recording team Alexander Butov and Alexander Ratmansky established themselves as a power duo in New York City’s Music industry. They pride themselves on their extensive discography, writing for a variety of situations and people they are committed to providing only the highest quality music. No matter the artist or project, their goal is to provide clients with an environment that inspires and nurtures creativity while facilitating cutting-edge sound quality.


Motion picture soundtracks:

«Trubach 2014»

«Funeral Director 2016»

«While the Music Lasts 2011»

Officially Licensed Forensic Audio (References are available upon request)

Our clients (Composers / Producers /Artists):
Adam Rogers, Inaya Day, Igor Krutoi, Viktor Drobysh, Sergei Ryabtsev ( Gogol Bordello), Avraam Russo, Polina Griffith, Michael Gulko, Slava Medyanik, Marina Lvovskaya, Yakov Roitman, Mark Taytler, Robert Toniev, Ella Zaslavsky, Yuri Ryabov, Rom Kaminski, etc


Piano Teaching Lessons

AB Studio piano teacher, Professor Andrey Burdinskiy , offers classical piano lessons for ages 5 and above, from beginner to advanced. This piano teacher has a Master of Piano Performance degree and a wealth of experience both teaching and performing on piano. Andrey has been teaching piano since 2004. He was awarded Best Piano Instructor Award for the Chopin Competition in 2016 and 2018, Outstanding Teacher Award in Macau, China in 2021. Piano professor of Shenyang Conservatory and Guangdong Open University of China. Master of piano performance from Glinka State Music Conservatory (Academy ). Andrey has performed on piano with instrumentalists in music festivals and recitals, including clarinetists, violists, cellists, flutists, and vocalists. He has also performed and recorded on piano with chamber ensembles. With his extensive piano study and performance experience, Andrey is highly qualified to teach piano to students of all ages, experiences and hand size. He is skilled in catering suitable and personalized piano education towards each student. He is fluent in Chinese, English and Russian and communicates on professional topics in all these languages.

AB STUDIO Offers Lessons with Professor Andrey Burdinskiy - Piano Cover of Popular Songs


Piano covers of popular songs can be highly appealing and enjoyable for various reasons. Here are a few key points on the interest and appeal of piano covers:

Familiarity: Popular songs have a wide audience, and listeners often have an emotional connection to these songs. Piano covers provide a fresh perspective on familiar melodies, allowing listeners to experience the songs in a new and captivating way.

Skill and Technique: Piano covers often showcase the skill and technique of the performer. Audiences appreciate the artistry and virtuosity required to transform a popular song into a captivating piano arrangement, incorporating elements such as improvisation, embellishments, and complex harmonies.

Bridging Musical Styles: Piano covers have the potential to bridge the gap between different musical styles and audiences. By presenting popular songs in a classical or jazz piano arrangement, for example, it can attract listeners who may not typically engage with that particular genre.

Learning and Education: Piano covers serve as a valuable resource for pianists and aspiring musicians to study and learn. By listening to and playing piano covers, musicians can gain insight into arrangement techniques, improvisation ideas, and stylistic approaches.

Whether you're a performer, listener, or musician, piano covers of popular songs offer a compelling blend of familiarity, creativity, and musical expression. They provide an avenue for artists to showcase their skills and interpretation while offering listeners a fresh perspective on their beloved songs.

Futute Project "My Songs - New Life"

Working closely with Andrey Burdinskiy on “My Songs-NewLife” Project.

Andrey’s extensive training, experience, deep understanding of classical music, and the ability to interpret and replay songs in a classical format with great accuracy and expression allowed me to launch this new project. New songs and classical rearrangements will be posted on my YouTube channel soon. Information about an upcoming concert, studio rehearsal and recording will be posted here soon

Andrey Burdinskiy / Piano Teaching Lessons / English Language

Andrey Burdinskiy / Piano Teaching Lessons / Chinese language